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I share my home with my partner, Paul, my five beautiful children, 6 dogs, 4 cats, and of course, all of my lovely miniature horses.

 From the time I was born I entered into the life of  horses, my family have been involved in horses for many generations. My  great grandfather was a racehorse trainer,  my grandfather was a racehorse trainer, my father was a  trainer and a jockey, all his brothers were either trainers or jockeys and all well known in the bundaberg area and racing industry. My mother came from Winton also grew up with horses on a station, so my love for horses is definately "In the blood", so to speak. I  also have two brothers who work in the industry, one is a stable foreman, the other a master farrier/horse breaker. As a teenager I worked as a strapper on the Gold Coast, working with some brilliant race horses, including Young Carbinier, and Coal Diesel. 
After growing up helping my dad feed the horses. Then moving to the Gold Coast to work with 2 great horse trainers and many great horses, starting a family and moving to Agnes Water, I finally purchased my first property,  my first stallion, my first mare. My property is situated in Captain Creek and I now run 23horses, 20 of which are minatures. I developed a love for minatures after a friend asked me if I could find his little girl a horse, a miniature like the gelding I already owned "Champ". My first phone call was to a well Known miniature horse breeder in the Biggenden area, She had a colt for sale which was not suitable for a beginner, But I was very interested for myself, so I went for a look. My family and I fell in love with the little fellow, but then we were invited to meet a new born foal, when I saw the tiniest horse I had ever seen, I got goose bumps imediately, and I new my passion for owning a Horse stud of my own was going to become a reality.


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